This is considered to be similar to any regional contest with the following exceptions:

  1. Teams are invited to participate in the contest based on their performance in their respective regional contest sites.
  2. The number of teams (say N) gets selected for this contest will be lying between 40 and 100 which is dependent on the site.
  3. Only the top few  teams from each site will be selected for the contest.
  4. Even though the Champion Team# of each site gets a slot in the World Finals, it is expected that all top-ranked teams of various sites of Asia West Continent will participate.
  5. Any team of the Champion Institute is not eligible to participate.
  6. Team composition, under no circumstances, can be changed.
  7. Number of teams to be selected from each site is based on the total number of teams participated in the online contest and the onsite contest. Following formula may be applied to determine the number of teams.

Assume, there are 8 sites in West Continent. If Xi is the number of registered teams in the site i for Online Contest and Yi is the number of registered teams in the site i for Onsite Contest, then, the number of teams, (say Z), of the site i to be recommended for the West Continent Championship Contest is

where N is the number of teams in the West Continent Championship Contest.

  1. More the value of the metric, more is the number. However, the minimum number of teams from each site that will be eligible is 3.

[# Champion  team of a site is the team who is the winner of the site.
* Champion Institute is an Institute which has at least one Champion Team]

Contest Eligibility Criteria

It is the same as the rules of Asia Regional Contest. However, the rule of participating in not more than two sites will not hold good.

World Finals Slot

If there is A slots for the West Continent and B Regional Contest Sites, then A – B is the World Final slots to be allocated from the Championship Contest. 

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